Created from sustainably harvested mulberry bark according to a traditional method over seven centuries old, each fair trade produced outer carton with brand identity on the back, holds a simple glass bottle screened with a 4-color whimsical flower, topped with a custom designed two-toned gold cap. Free of any wasteful inner packaging, the bottle is nestled beneath a handcrafted paper sunflower sealed envelope that holds a handwritten love letter scented with the lovingly created fragrance.

Meet Our Signature Scent

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to an exciting new brand; Bella Una is a fine fragrance company with an individual, romantic and passionate nature. A forever evolving brand of fragrances that captures the most intimate of times, turning them into a perfume evoking the fondest memories we all have. Bella Una is the first brand of it's kind creating a new way to view fine fragrance. A paramount characteristic of Bella Una is exclusivity.

With the exception of one "signature" fragrance, Bella Una will release new scents upwards of four times per year in limited quantities, and only producing each one a single time, making each fragrance one of a kind, similar to the emotions that inspired it.