Calm and Scents


Kym Wechsler is a product developer, innovator and marketer with broad experience and acknowledged industry credentials. She continues to run Calm and Scents where she designs fresh products for top beauty industry companies. She currently leads the innovations of two new brands: Bella Una and a ‘mystery teen brand’.


Ms. Wechsler’s experience in the industry helps her to create unique products targeted at the appropriate market. She has broad knowledge of product development from concept thorough to the store shelf. Her strong industry relationships provide access to unique packaging as well as new ingredients that help in the development of cutting edge formulas.


Kym’s products have been featured in leading magazines labeled as the “Must Have” products for trendsetting women. Her creations have been used by celebrities, including Jennifer Hudson, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Gwen Stefani, Meg Ryan.


Since 1998, Kym has worked as President of Calm & Scents, a product development and creative service company that she cofounded. She began this career creating one-of-a-kind products for major movie studios including Universal and Fox. Calm & Scents co-created and launched “Potions for a Princess” products in 2001. This range was chosen as the number one American made beauty brand by the International Beauty magazine Biteki. Potions for a Princess gift bags.products were featured at the Sex and the City premiere party as well as in Academy Awards In 2002, Kym received the prestigious “Cosmetic Entrepreneur of the Year” award for her work in the beauty industry.


In 2003 one of the country’s top cosmetic manufacturers, The Color Factory, was lucky enough to add Kym to their team as the VP of Product Development. During her tenure with the company she created over 200 SKU’s. Moving on to Marietta, after The Color Factory, Kym was recognized for her impeccable work and “outside of the box” creations. During her time at The Color Factory and Marietta she had the opportunity to change the product demographics of many of their clients. Their clients included L’Oreal, Stila, Smash Box, Hard Candy, Philosophy, Estee Lauder, Johnson and Johnson and Unilever.


Kym then went on and lead the innovation team at Marietta. During her tenure at Marietta Kym has pushed the boundaries of product innovation through brand concepts for numerous companies, including Unilever, Kimberly Clark, Johnson & Johnson, Estee Lauder and L’Oreal. Her special style of innovation marks not only the products themselves, but also the product presentations.


Ms. Wechsler has traveled and lived internationally in order to obtain unique materials and new artistic ideas for products. While living in Australia Kym created concepts for International Brands. Kym’s educational background – a degree in Art and Human Development – leads to a creative combination those results in unique products. Artistically designed printed materials, innovative formulas, cutting-edge components, and meticulous branding define a Kym Wechsler signature presentation. Her clients leave a presentation with shelf-ready products at their fingertips.